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NOTE: Moved To Winery Square area in Gatlinburg
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     Visit the only museum of it's kind in the world, with over 14,000 shakers and growing!  The collection began about 20 years ago when we did not have a pepper mill, at home, that worked.  So off we went on a quest to find the right one.  At first we found one or two, then three or four, until it became an entertainment.  Soon we found the 'world of shakers', where the shapes, themes and colors and endless, as you will see!  One of the main purposes of the museum is to show the variety and the creativity that can be found in the salt and pepper shakers.  As you explore the collection you will enjoy the largest collection of mills in the world, they vary from country to country, as well as shapes and the materials they are made from.  After enjoying the museum, look around the front for lots of neat hand made jewelry, shakers, spices, bears and MORE!
bulletSee The World's Largest Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum!
bulletSee More Than 14,000 Salt & Pepper Shakers From Around The World!
bulletSee The Smallest Shaker To The Strangest!
bulletChallenge The Family To See Who Can Find YOUR Salt & Pepper Shaker FIRST!
bulletFind The Salt & Pepper Shakers That You Remember At Grandma's House!
bulletShop The Smokies Only Spice Store, & Select From Over 200 Fresh Spices & Blends From Around The World!
bulletStart You Very Own Salt & Pepper Shaker Collection!
bulletBeautiful Hand Made Jewelry For That Special Someone!
bulletLocated Just 14 Miles Out Scenic The Scenic E Parkway (Hwy 321) From Downtown Gatlinburg!


bulletWINDOW #1: Begins with Stones and Sterling silver.  On the windowsill the shakers are made form marble and onyx.  Up on the shelves the Horseshoe and the Lamas (from Peru) are made from Sterling Silver. The man and woman are made from a nut found in South America!
bulletWINDOW #2: Features the Transportation and Carriers.  They vary from Burros to Bulls and even a Pig carrying corn!
bulletWINDOW #3: Welcome to the world of cooking,  Our Chefs come from around the world. The wooden chefs with the red hats are French and a few are Italian!
bulletWINDOWS #4-#5: When you have cooks there is always food.  The menu is extensive in salt & pepper shakers.  Are you in the mood for fried eggs, sausage, hot dogs, hamburgers, toast or'll see the ALL!
bulletWINDOW #6: Every meal should be balanced out with a helping of vegetables.  Here you will see a style called Anthropomorphic, which means that a thing (fruit, vegetable, appliance) is made into a person usually with a face or even arms and legs!
bulletCORNER: Let's go for a picnic!  The hanging shakers with the handles are ideal for Bar-B-Que's, and don't forget the picnic tables!
bulletWINDOW #7: Picnic tables, rolling pins, and flower bouquets as well as Roses should belong in a picnic!
bulletWINDOW #8: Fruits are always good for you.  On the top shelf you will notice fruits hanging, they vary from colored glass to colored plastic.  The orange tree with the girl  next to it has the baskets as the salt & pepper shaker.  There is a strange bird amongst the fruits; his body and head are shakers.  The metal of the neck and beak is where the condiment comes out!
bulletWINDOWS #9 & #10: The mills after the fruits are from Denmark.  And now it's party time.  Bring out the beverages.  In Europe wine and beer are used by Monks, here there are beer and wine salt and pepper shakers as well as the Monks.  Before you leave this section, there is a mill after the beverage in the middle, with a little bit of Gold decoration, which is covered in leather.  Also a few of these mills are battery operated.    

Here Comes The SECOND HALF Of The Museum
(The Bottom Shelf In The 2nd Half Are Miniature Mills)

bulletWINDOWS #11 & 12: The Mills are decorated with Gold Leaf are from Italy. Chickens, chicks and roosters...what more can be said??!!  Here you will see a pair of chicks in a log, on the windowsill, which are called Knodders. Knodders, are highly collectable and are: any salt and pepper shakers which are balanced and will swing back and forth.
bulletWINDOW #13; Cows, cows everywhere.  Amongst the cow shakers is a collection on milk pitchers in the shape of cows, donated by Michael Kensinger!
bulletWINDOWS #14 & #15: The eagle and the turkey are important symbols to our country as well as the Bill of Rights and Betsy Ross with the flag.  Below the patriotic shakers are birds and elongated animals.
bulletWINDOW #16: Raining cats and dogs.  The plastic cats on top of the green box are 'squeaker' cats.  Tip the shaker upside down and they MEOW!
bulletWINDOWS #17 & #18: More animals...Frogs and princesses looking for Mr. Right.  Mice feasting on cheese, lady bugs on flower stools and horses.  On the top are a few pigs with magnets, kissing each other.  The vagabond mice with fur are an example of highly collectible shakers, with fur or fabric accents!
bulletWINDOW #18: Old and rare Italian mills with gold leaf and paint!
bulletWINDOW #19: Being located across from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it's only fitting to have squirrels and bears, even deer's, but we're not sure they are in the park.  On the windowsill is an example of shakers made our of walnut shells!
bulletWINDOW #20: On the windowsill is a pair of shakers made of antlers from Alaska.  Nature is very diverse so there are caterpillars, desert theme, and everyone's favorite, SKUNKS!
bulletWINDOW #21: Owls and ducks come in various styles and sizes.  The owls, or any animal with rhinestones in the eyes are valuable and highly collectible!
bulletWINDOW #22: In this window you will see shakers decorated with seashells as if they were mosaics.  There are a few sets, like the ones on the windowsill, with a real compass to point you in the right direction!
bulletWINDOW #23: From the ocean to the jungle, the collection has elephants, monkeys, lions and more.  Above these you will see shakers in the shape of lamps and candles!
bulletWINDOW #24: The pink porcelain are very dainty and fragile.  The traditional crystal and glass shakers come in many different colors, shapes and values.  On the windowsill are sets made of acrylic!
bulletWINDOW #25: Light bulbs and more glass!
bulletWINDOW #26 & #27: Metal, pewter, aluminum, and Army sets.  Look CAREFULLY for a set that looks like a screw and nut, flex spring to pour salt or pepper!
bulletWINDOW #28: Brass, copper and GOLD!
bulletWINDOW #29: These were made in Japan and many signed "Occupied Japan".  The mills in this window have elaborate handles!
bulletWINDOW #30: Welcome To HOLLAND!
bulletWINDOW #31: It's time for Christmas again.  Snowmen to ornaments as well as Mr. & Mrs. Claus!
bulletWINDOW #32: Happy feet can be found everywhere.  But the wood carved from Mexico and Japan are hard to come by!
bulletWINDOWS #33, WINDOW #34 & WINDOW #35: Souvenirs, what more can be said??!!

Make SURE You Stop In And Visit On Your Next Trip To The Smokies!

Salt And Pepper Shaker Museum 4845 Hooper Highway Cosby, TN 37722 (423) 487-0710
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